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Taking some time to get to know you – the REAL YOU is absolute if we are going to create a PORTRAIT. Whether we shoot in a studio or on location doesn’t change my approach – the image we make should be all about you. Be honest and open in answering my questions and we will achieve a stunning portrait image.

Portraiture Gallery

Agency Portfolio’s | Headshot Gallery

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“Scapes” is probably a better description to define the intent behind this gallery. Whether I shoot Cityscapes, Landscapes, Urban, Rural, Beach, Astro or Nightscapes the purpose is more than documentary… it is intended to provide insight into the world around us, to inspire and fascinate.

Landscapes Gallery

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Commercial Imagery requires a highly developed skill set with a thorough understanding of lighting. Understanding your subject and meeting the brief of your client is key to creating a successful image. Knowing how to shoot successfully for architecture, glass, food, metallic surfaces or liquids with mixed lighting sources or under less than ideal conditions are only some of the challenges faced by commercial photographers.

Visit the Commercial_Product gallery or the Commercial_Film Stills gallery.

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Fine Art

To define “FINE Art” is somewhat difficult but in this instance I am looking to showcase images that move beyond a capture and utilises key design elements as well as Artistic Vision. Whether that be Abstract, Geometry, Colour, Scale or any other compositional method – the intention remains to present something detailed, striking, enlightening and intentional.

Fine Art Gallery

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You’re celebrating a “Rite of Passage” and committing to a lifelong partnership.

Your choice in Wedding Photographers is just as diverse as your choices in Locations and Reception Venues.. choosing the right Photographer for you is paramount.

Knowing what you want photographed, where to shoot and ultimately how your images should be presented to you comes through clear open communication.

Wedding Packages range in customisation from simple honest imagery for those nuptials who are budget conscious, to well planned, highly imaginative, individually crafted keepsakes that scream Professional the minute you open an album or place that framed print on your wall.

I look forward to your enquiry and to shooting for you on your Wedding Day.

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