A little more about: Snapshot Digital Imagery.

Why “Snapshot Digital Imagery”?
You shoot almost everything.. shouldn’t you specialise?


It’s been a busy week and I have to say that the interest and support in how I have approached the Website Rebuild has been wonderful.

Friends, Family and Followers have all assisted in looking for bugs in the programming. By using multiple personal devices (pc’s, laptops, phones and tablets) to access the site and menu structure – we’ve tested and verified link functionality and gallery displays . I’m fairly confident in its overall appeal & visual success. For the most part the website structure is working smoothly and the galleries are all displaying well. It is my  hope that you view the sites structure as logical and easy to navigate while rating highly professional. Of course minor tweaks and adjustments will be made regularly and the existing images will be updated with better examples of my work but for now we simply want to make sure it’s all working and live.

So why the change?

Snapshot Digital Imagery has been digitally reborn (from a marketing perspective) out of need. There has been a lot going on in the past couple of months and as some of you are aware we (the family) moved interstate. So moving from an area with established business relationships to an entirely new State with no contacts or clients meant that I had to make changes. Simply – this move provided opportunity and logically I must let the people know what I do and where I am located.

Anyway.. for those that do not know me, or simply want to know more I am happy to delve a little deeper into how and why Snapshot Digital Imagery came about, why I use my name as well as a registered business, why I chose the name Snapshot Digital Imagery so many years ago and, why I choose to shoot so broadly rather than specialise.


For those that are interested I invite you to like & follow or maybe quietly nose around my Facebook page – it will provide you with a deeper insight into my history, experience and study progression. You can read the reviews left by clients & industry partners, see albums from the early days prior to joining the local camera club, study progression through to graduation and onwards to now.

Explaining the Name..

Most Photographers tend to use their own name to Identify themselves. I guess I wanted my work to be more than me. You’ll notice that I identify myself on my sites as the photographer “Benjamin Kerr | Photographer” and this is a way of attributing what you see as work that I am responsible for. It also provides the public with a name, my name as the person that you would meet and who ultimately is responsible for a shoot. However, I sat for weeks in the early days wanting more from a name. I needed a name that would identify the profession, the product and of course the service.


Snapshot was one of the first titles that came to mind but also caused some concern. At the end of the day “Snapshot” clearly identified my work as being photographic and stills based. It is about a single moment, a single image as apposed to cinema or motion pictures – I intended to capture moments but they were and needed to be more than a generalised snapshot.. there was a hint of ordinary and everyday about this word. How could I assure you that I had no intention of providing an ordinary service.

So, time to add another word “Digital” – all this was intended to do was identify the medium as digital rather than analog. I love film but I am also frustrated by it. The resolution available to a photographer is undeniable but iso/asa (film speed) drives me insane being limited. So digital it was always going to be. It also gave me the scope to work with film by converting it into a digital format.

I sat there mouthing the words “Snapshot Digital” and it was working for me.. Benjamin Kerr – Snapshot Digital… wait, No, it still missed something and I was still hesitant. What was it? I didn’t need a 3 word business name. Snapshot Digital was simple enough and then I realised that the word “Snapshot” was still causing me concern.

IMAGERY!!! there it was. Imagery provided the scope I needed to make more than a snapshot. With “Imagery” I could make photo art!  blend, com-posit and create.

Snapshot Digital Imagery…  There it was and just to be sure I started to write it down. Then again and again. My page soon looked like a student detention book with the same words repeated over & over again.. but it was working for me and so it was that Snapshot Digital Imagery came into existence. Then I had to seek out a domain and business registration all the while hoping that this combination was available to me. It was.

So at the end of the day, Snapshot Digital Imagery is so named because it explains that I shoot photographically, working digitally and present imagery that references a moment but is not necessarily limited artistically.

Sunset on Maslin.

Explaining the skill set.


Another way to say it would be to ask “Why do you shoot everything?”, or “Shouldn’t you specialise”?  I do shoot Portraiture, I shoot Weddings, Landscapes and Commercial Products… and it goes on and on.

I shoot diversely because I am very capable and it interests me. I love macro, Astro.. I shoot wide angle and at 600mm. I like the control of studio lighting and the challenge of natural lighting in a park or an office.

Maintaining such a variety of photographic interests keeps all of the skills and techniques fresh and readily available to use and adapt to new situations and ideas.

If I am going to be honest with myself I would have to fess up and say that it is also due to my need to work. If we consider this scenario for a moment.. up until a few months ago I lived in Adelaide with all kinds of work available and it did afford graduates an ability to refine specific skill sets.

Never Forgiven 2015_ Behind the Scenes.

Having now moved interstate and into a relatively small regional/rural centre (a place that I fondly refer to as “The Shire”) I have a very limited capacity to shoot for example glassware, or Head Shots for budding Actors, or Architecture for Commercial Businesses.

I enjoy photography and I really love that I can shoot for both the domestic market and the commercial market. I can adapt and explore. I can deliver.

Until I next “Blog” I want to thank you for your interest and for taking this journey with me!


All the very best,

Benjamin Kerr.

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