A Year in Review 2017/18

S e t t l i n g   i n t o   t h e   S h i r e

Building on my Brand, Creating Opportunity and Selling


Over the past twelve months I have focused on exposure (pardon the pun) and product/brand awareness. When you are self employed nothing is beneath you including hand delivering flyers and leaflets via letterbox drops, door knocking on businesses, joining groups and associations and of course producing work.



It has been a testing time. Difficult. Moving from a Capital City with established connections to a Regional Centre was always going to challenge. But don’t misunderstand my intention – I am not at all disgruntled. I am very happy here and thankfully, I am getting work, I am recognised and word is spreading.

Dressing the Man_Commercial Portraiture “It’s Time”.


I spent some time offering free tuition to the families of East Sale RAAF, I joined the local Sale Camera Club and became a committee member. I also offer those members advice and support along their photographic journey through lessons and talks at club meets.

Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 2.58.53 pm
“Man in the Mirror”, Benjamin Kerr © 2018
BASS Gallery design
Bakery Artist Studio, Sale © Benjamin Kerr


My most recent success was with the combined efforts of a local bakery and artists who come together to create a galley showcasing local talent.

Yes, B.A.S.S. Gallery was born just a couple of months ago.

I love Sale, the Shire of Wellington, Gippsland and Victoria. I am no spring chicken… now in my early 40’s I do not need the fast paced life found in the city. A day visit to Melbourne from time to time, A fleeting trip back to my native Sydney/Newcastle is more than enough for me.


A relaxed pace, plenty of room to breath and the support of my community makes life very easy. I didn’t have to adapt – I was ready for this. Sale is in fact bigger than I had expected and if I need to I have Traralgon or Bairnsdale within an hours drive.

One thing that has changed is my sleeping habits and nocturnal activities. I am no longer a 9-5 person. In fact I don’t usually wake up before 9.30am and I am usually heading to bed at 2am (sometimes later).


Icons of Sale, Victoria © Benjamin Kerr 2018


What I did not know when moving here was that I would wouldn’t think twice about jumping in the car and driving an average of 3 hours each way to some remote location. Out in the middle of no-where capturing Aurora, the Milky Way, Fog, Lightning, Meteor showers or Lunar Eclipses.

Yes, I spend a lot of time trying to capture landscapes that most people don’t have an opportunity to see. Sometimes successful and other times not. Changes in weather, access to the location blocked.. any number of reasons might interfere but I simply plan the next trip and try again.

Getting the shot is not always easy and can be a continual cause of frustration. You can’t just arrive and shoot… at least not when you are creating an image with specific intention/ purpose.


Chasing Aurora's
Seaspray Aurora © 2018 Benjamin Kerr


An example might help. Aurora – I was over the moon when I realised  that we were able to capture Aurora Australis here in Sale. Nothing like the Northern Lights but stunning and colourful none the less. You can’t really predict the success of Aurora. Sometimes I head out (yes 2hrs + of driving) and find that cloud is now covering the sky, Maybe fog creeps in, or the Moon floods the sky and landscape with light and wipes out any chance of making the image, or maybe the speed was miscalculated and it had already arrived early afternoon. There have been times when I just can’t wait any longer and decide to pack up (it has been hours of waiting/hoping and it’s -2c ) and I head home only to find out that 40 minutes after you left it fired up.


No Aurora for Me
Jacks Beach_No Aurora tonight. © Benjamin Kerr

Storm, Cape Liptrap


There are always challenges to overcome. But let me say this – when you do make that capture, when all the elements come together and you have your image it is the most wonderful moment.




I digress and lose myself when talking about landscape.. so lets get back on track.






I have a diverse skillset and it is one that I actively promote. It is not that I am in a remote location and need to be diverse, but driven by a genuine desire to make impactful, memorable and heartfelt images for families – Weddings and Family Portraits. And commercial imagery for advertising purposes, window displays and print media.

I have taken the liberty of providing some image highlights from the past year and I post them now for your convenience. (you can click on the image to view better resolution).




Thank you for your interest, support and encouragement.

Kind Regards,

Benjamin Kerr, Snapshot Digital Imagery.