Agency Portfolios | Headshots

I have chosen to differentiate between domestic portraiture and commercial portraiture. Portraiture photography can be as varied as any other photographic category.

Images appearing in the AGENCY PORTFOLIO | HEADSHOTS Gallery  have been specifically shot for commercial purposes – with an intent to assist with employment, professional recognition or become income producing.

When is a Headshot or Portrait deemed Commercial?


The easiest way to answer this is to apply the condition that the image is intended for commercial or business purposes. For example – used in Digital or Printed Advertising, Held in a Professional Portfolio/s  (Actors, Actresses, Models, Make-Up Artists or their Agents), Business Cards, Web based Profile Images, and the list continues on.

If the image is for any purpose other than a private domestic portrait and seeks to gain commercial interest in a business or to Identify a business’ services or seeks to create an income it is deemed a Commercial Shoot.